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College Emblems Hello world!

The college emblem is almost as important when selecting the right college as the academic standing of the institution is. When it comes to choosing college sweatshirts and clothes of school pride the college emblem and custom labels or clothing labels are essential for the students. The choice of wearing a lion or an eagle, or a mouse or bear or a bear versus a mouse can create a little anxiety in the life of students who are just trying to blend in and look cool to their old high school peers who are now off on their own college journey.

Harvard University is known for the crest or emblem that reads Veritas which means truth in Latin. Harvards colours are red and were chosen to distinguish themselves from rival universities. Harvard is achieving that purpose as their school emblem is recognised throughout the world.

Yale University, Harvard Universitys rival, sports a college symbol of a book bearing Lux et Veritas which means Light and Truth in Latin and is printed on the edges and the front. Its Yale colour is blue in 1894, while their previous colour was green. The well-known symbol is famous as the home of Yale University alumni. Yale was extremely successful in making sure their school’s logo was not lost or dismissed lightly.

Princeton University is one of the most prestigious schools in the country , and it competes with the similar schools in Harvard as well as Yale alumni. The constant struggle of Princeton to be the best school of the three has brought out the need for a distinctive symbol that will allow Princeton to be recognized as a leading school that stands out from its competitors and creates an impact on their alumni as well as their academic standing. The emblem of the college is based on the colors of the college, which are black and orange, and Dei sub numine viget. under the power of God, she blossoms in Latin. The emblem is different from those blue or crimson hues of its counterpart and, even though Latin is utilized in the emblem but the word veritas was deliberately left out.

Harvard University is the college that was the first to start it all in America. In the 1630s, Harvard was founded as an institution for higher education, it was also the very first institution established within the United States. Since then, colleges have followed their example trying to catch up with Harvards unique methods to keep their alumni apart from the rest of society. Their use of apparel labels as well as emblems and customized labels has set off an era for other colleges to follow suit. Emblems for colleges are popular product in the industry of textile manufacturing and will stay that way for as long as there are rivalries between the colleges.

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